Soft & Grand Opening

Opening a hotel is a complex project, which requires skilled participants. No matter the size of the hotel, there are certain phases and procedures that must be respected and followed. It is crucial to gain the best score at each phase. Since this is a project that involves many stakeholders, it is highly important to plan all steps carefully, in order to fulfil all the demands of the stakeholders. All aspects and potential risks must be considered and merged with opening strategy.

It usually takes between six to nine months to implement all planned actions before the soft opening of a hotel. The pre-opening phase includes many challenges and opportunities. During this phase, all stakeholders face many operational issues. Considering the budget plan, the task force management needs to set up alternate plans, in order to backfill the critical period of the first year of operation. This is done in order to achieve financial objectives, as well as a return on investment.

We will support the pre-opening plan by recommending the following to the stakeholders : Capital Injection Plan, Procurement of Furniture, Fixtures & Accessories, Operating Supplies & Equipments, 5 to 10 year budgetary preparation process, Project Management Contracts, Licenses & Certificates for Opening, Marketing & Commercial Sales Blueprint and all other relevant processes.