Your story begins now

Theyyam is a sacred ritual art form that originated in North Kerala, which brings to life the great stories of the state.

Cantadora (meaning 'storyteller') is a boutique hotel consulting firm that believes in scripting success stories for its clients. We inspire hotel entrepreneurs to streamline their business, by providing fresh perspectives and insights, to create and implement strategies.

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Cantadora offers hospitality business consulting services for bespoke lifestyle and luxury properties in India and around the globe.

We are driven by strong business acumen and entrepreneurial ideas,
 always looking for new ways to innovate and execute.

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We provide feasibility study services to assess the economic viability of a project and how the services will be perceived by the end users.

Cantadora team works with owners to collectively envision the best and most successful use of their property.

What’s your hotel’s story? Getting it right straight away is vital so you have to know what good storytelling is.

An opening event is a perfect platform to make a positive first impression. We will ensure that your business starts off on the right foot.

We help conceptualise and put together a Project Management Report for presentation to investors, stakeholders, and financial institutions…

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Our expertise include hotel & resort management, divisional & departmental setup, golf club management…

Our expertise is to provide our customers a comprehensive Marketing & Commercial Sales Report which outlines present…

Asset management is a very innovative service in hospitality. As asset managers we not only look at an asset as a hotel, we…

Communication & Social Media strategy is very critical for the success of hospitality businesses in today’s world.

We can engage with the management team to build out of the box strategies to manage revenue & distribution.