Asset Management

Asset management is a very innovative service in hospitality. As asset managers we not only look at an asset as a hotel, we look at the comprehensive asset where you have real estate, the various built in structures, we try determine the best at which stage the whole development is within the cycle and how to maximise profitability based on a strategic asset improvement plan.

As Asset Manager we can function as an intercessor between the hotel owner & the brand with a goal of keeping the interests of both parties with substantial gains in profitability. Asset management function can operate in soft & grand opening phases. Our Asset Management role would be to increase profitability by developing robust strategies of growth in emerging markets & have optimum control over cost management techniques to deliver results to all stake holders, increase human capital management, create a road map for E commerce strategy as well as have a building blocks set-up for learning & development.

Our goal as Asset Manager would be to maximise revenues in the area of rooms/suites/villas/residences, meetings, events, food & drinks, spa & wellness. We would engage with the management to review & recommend optimal performance yardstick in the lines of cost management & managing human capital salary & wages.