Revenue Management & E Commerce

We can engage with the management team to build out of the box strategies to manage revenue & distribution.We can assemble a tailor made Revenue Management Audit to identify opportunities to maximise revenue in all hotels/resorts revenue centre. We can recommend strategies by comparing data with primary & secondary competition set.

In the past, hoteliers were focused on occupancy & ADR to understand the RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) whilst we can start process of identifying the GOPPAR (Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room) for the room inventory available for sale to determine the profitability lines of the organisation in Rooms Division. In Food & Beverage we can engage with the management team to maximise the RevPASH (Revenue Per Available Seat (operating) Hours.

We engage with the business organisation as to how to forecast on future demand so as to avoid a first come, first serve culture. This acts as an eye-opener on the business to shun and what business to accept at a particular time depending on the projected future occupancy as well as the trends of the business. We also guide business on the various pricing strategies to adapt at various times, seasons based on the forecasted demand as well as the market segmentation. We can advise organisations for all channel management sign-ups for the e-distribution network along with cost-benefit analysis. We can recommend various online reputations management & guest review tools to enhance the business performance.