Concept Development

Cantadora team works with owners to collectively envision the best and most successful use for their property, and to strategise realising the vision. Our collaboration with each hospitality business begins with a research about the accommodation type it should be developed (hotel, club, resort, mixed-use development), followed by the full specification of the new hospitality concept, as well as the close cooperation with all third-parties involved in the hotel development procedure (Architects, Interior Designers, and Hotel Marketing Experts).Creating an enduring and much-loved hospitality concept is a combination of alchemy and synthesising data about a market and its customers.

Comprehensive brainstorming sessions to execute a concept development strategy that maximises your project’s emotional resonance will fundamentally differentiate your project from competitors and position you in the crosshairs of market demand. Alternative real estate and urban planning, historical monument conservation, and preservation services can also be engaged upon. Oftentimes the environment and sense of place at the development site is the lodestar that guides the concept development.