Brand Search

What’s your hotel’s story? Getting it right straight away is vital so you have to know what good storytelling is and why it works. Storytelling has been proven. Studies have found humans are designed for stories. They lead to a better understanding, trust, comprehension, receptivity, and more. We engage to create a story for your hotel that touches on your history, your mission, your values, and your dedication to guests.

The kind of brand you want to be has to be directly related to the type of guest you want to target and attract to your hotel. It’s important to be consistent and authentic. Again, just like any relationship, trust is essential. It takes time to build so your legacy must be providing a great guest experience each and every time someone stays with your brand.

We can create your hotel’s brand ‘image’ needs to be reflected in everything associated with your business such as: Name and logo, Typography, Stationery, Marketing activities & Social media and we will advise you on any other content you present to the public forum about the brand. There are several stages involved in this process. First of all we need to have a clear picture of what the hotel owner needs, terms and conditions of the agreement in order to get a comprehensive and conclusive outcome. We will present best suited/viable options for the the owners to make the final decision.